Thermal trousers

Thermal trousers

There are fabrics that immediately give you a warm, cosy feeling. Our supersoft thermal trousers made from pure organic cotton feel pleasantly soft against the skin. The specially designed, innovative thermal lining offers reliable protection against the cold. Your natural body heat is stored and optimally insulated. The colourful woven lining adds an exciting touch when the trousers are rolled up a little. Our M|5 Thermolite® EcoMade Denims have a more sporty look. Made from 100% recycled resources, hollow fibres in this fabric trap air for highly effective insulation.

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Sustainably warm – in thermal trousers made from organic cotton

According to a popular saying: “There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothing!” Our thermal trousers are the right choice when it gets cold and windy in autumn and winter. We achieve the thermal effect thanks to a specially made thermal lining which stores natural body heat and reliably keeps you warm. The premium quality fabrics offer a comfortable fit and are naturally soft and breathable. We design thermal trousers in different qualities and fits so that there is something to suit every taste and occasion.
Another advantage of our thermal trousers: they are extremely easy to care for! We don’t use delicate materials, we simply rely primarily on the innovative thermal lining for warmth. This means you can wash the trousers without any problems. Turn the trousers inside out, close the zips and buttons and wash them in the washing machine at 40°C. Particularly practical in winter - all thermal cotton trousers can go in the tumble dryer. Wash, dry – done!

Defy the cold in style

We’ve set ourselves the goal that our thermal trousers should not only keep you warm but also be visually appealing. Everyone knows the typical outdoor trousers made from crackly functional material that defy the cold but are not exactly suitable for everyday wear. On the other hand, our thermal trousers with their slim, modern cuts and on trend colours are a welcome alternative for cold days.
Thanks to elasticated materials, the special MEYER stretch waistband and perfectly designed fits, the thermal trousers offer optimum comfort – after all, if you feel good in your trousers, you will also radiate this to the outside world. Our thermal trousers will get you through the autumn and winter in style.

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