Organic cotton trousers


Cotton trousers play an important role - for both work and leisure. They’re modern, easy to care for and feel pleasant against the skin. Thanks to the typical MEYER stretch waistband and the addition of elastane, they’re particularly comfortable to wear. They come in a wide variety of styles and shapes, from chinos and Bermuda shorts - to classic jeans.

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Organic cotton. Best for you – Best for the environment!

We only use cotton from controlled organic cultivation for our trousers, as this doesn’t involve the use of any chemical pesticides, artificial fertilisers or genetic engineering. This means that soil and water, as well as flora and fauna, aren’t polluted and biodiversity is supported. Healthier cultivation areas store moisture far more effectively, which significantly reduces water consumption. Organic cotton fibres have long staples. This makes the resulting fabric more durable and hard wearing. Regional value creation also enhances the development of economic communities.

Resource saving finishing of our fabrics

What’s extra special about MEYER cotton trousers is that the fabrics are finished in our own laundry. Whether plain coloured, patterned, double dyed, or washed out cotton fabrics. We only use additives that are ecologically harmless. We fulfil our responsibility towards the environment by having our own laundry with an integrated water treatment plant.

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