Corduroy trousers

Corduroy trousers

Wind repellent, warming and pleasantly soft – these extraordinary properties make corduroy a must have for the cold season. Functionality is harmoniously combined with fashionable style. We use fabric specially made for us by the outstanding corduroy specialist T.F.M. for our MEYER EXCLUSIVE chinos – the highest quality and utmost comfort are combined with refined details and an excellent fit. Our M|5 casual cords are a bit more sporty.

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Corduroy trousers from MEYER – the classics among men’s trousers

Corduroy is iconic! Corduroy trousers are one of the classics in men’s fashion and are a favourite of many men, especially in winter. The reasons for this are obvious, corduroy keeps you reliably warm and is a welcome alternative to jeans on cold days. The robust material is particularly hard wearing and durable. At the same time, corduroy looks incredibly elegant, timeless and can be combined in a variety of ways. This unique fabric is back in fashion this season and is experiencing an upgrade thanks to new, modern colours and fits.

What makes corduroy stand out?

This fabric is characterised by a velvety, ribbed texture on its surface. The ribs are created using a special weaving process. The different types of corduroy are differentiated by the number of ribs they have.

  • Wide cord: This corduroy has up to 10 ribs, known as wales. Fabric with 10-26 wales is known as trenker cord, elephant cord or simply wide cord.
  • Medium cord: Genoa cord or Manchester cloth can be found in the middle of the range. This type is characterised by 25-40 ribs.
  • Fine corduroy or babycord: These two variants have more than 40 wales per 10 cm.

The fewer the wales in the fabric of your corduroy trousers, the more robust and hard wearing the material is. The more wales in the fabric, the finer and more elastic it is. Our corduroy trousers are mainly made from Genoa cord and fine corduroy and therefore offer an optimum combination of durability and comfort. A prime example of this are our popular “ROMA” woollen corduroy chinos. These corduroy trousers are extremely durable thanks to their premium quality workmanship and the use of sheep’s wool. The woollen corduroy keeps your legs warm in low temperatures, but is also breathable. They also hold their shape and are virtually crease free – you’ll hardly find any other trousers that are as easy to care for, yet so comfortable to wear.

Previously workwear – now a fashion classic

Corduroy is a material that has been used in all walks of life. In the 18th century, the elegant ribbed velvet was considered unimaginably precious and was usually only worn by well heeled nobles and kings, which is why it was also known as the “corde du roi”, the cord of kings. The term “corduroy” has survived in the English speaking world to this day. At the end of the 18th century, looms were developed in the British city of Manchester that produced large quantities of the material at low cost. As a result, corduroy was mainly worn by the working class during industrialisation. A little later, corduroy also caught on in Germany and became the traditional outfit of roofers and carpenters. It was this working class flair that prompted artists and intellectuals in the sixties and seventies to wear what were known as Manchester trousers – it was a clear statement against the social elite. In the years that followed, corduroy was sometimes worn more, sometimes less, but it never disappeared completely. These days, corduroy is once again experiencing a revival. Modern cuts, whether slim fitting or as is currently the trend loose and sporty – and fresh trend colours reinterpret the fabric. Invest in a good pair of corduroy trousers! You’ll enjoy them for a long time to come.

What’s the right way to care for corduroy trousers?

When washing your corduroy trousers, you should always wash them separately from items of clothing that tend to shed fibres. Such items include garments made from wool for example - if you were to wash corduroy trousers together with this clothing, the ribs would become fuzzy over time. Machine wash your corduroy trousers at a maximum of 40 degrees and use the delicate cycle and a low spin speed. Hang your corduroy trousers on the line after washing to preserve their velvety look and texture. If you iron your corduroy trousers, do so inside out and at a low temperature to further protect the material. However, please also note the individual care label for each pair of men’s corduroy trousers.

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