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Perfect care - perfect shape

Wash and dry, ready. Correctly looking after our trousers isn't hard if you know how to do it. Treat your trousers right. That way they'll stay as they are - perfectly-formed.

Everything you need to know about caring for our cotton trousers
Everything you need to know about caring for our cotton trousers

Everything you need to know about caring for our cotton trousers

Trousers made of cotton are basically very easy-care. But a few things should be noted anyway in order to have long pleasure with our trousers.

  • Preparation

    Sort your wash by colour. This prevents darker colours from leaking into lighter ones. Do up
    all buttons and zips. This prevents metal parts from damaging the fabric. Then turn
    trousers inside out. This protects the outside of the fabric during the wash.
    Avoid machine pre-treatments of stains. Due to the intensive rubbing, they simply rub the
    colour off the fabric - not necessarily the stain. Unsightly light patches may result. If
    necessary, please use suitable special products for pre-treatments.

  • Washing

    Use as little laundry liquid as possible. This prevents harmful residues from remaining in
    the material after rinsing. Laundry powder and liquid are equally suitable. We recommend
    using laundry detergent for coloured clothing in order to prevent premature fading of the
    material. During the wash, cotton is primarily cleaned by the movement of the fabric
    inside the drum. Laundry detergent mainly contributes a pleasant scent. You do not need
    to use fabric conditioner or similar products.
    Choose the care programme according to the care instructions for your MEYER trousers.
    This is generally the coloured wash at 40°C. Delicate wash programmes do not provide
    enough movement to wash effectively. Pre-washing is not necessary. Do not wash more
    than 3 or 4 pairs of trousers at once. If the drum is overfilled, the movement which is
    crucial for the cleaning process is too limited to be effective.
    For optimal washing, spin on the lowest setting for a short period of time (approx. 400
    spins). When the wash programme has ended, the trousers should be removed from the
    machine as soon as possible. If damp trousers stay in the drum for a period of time, this
    can lead to discolouration. Shake and pull the trousers into shape before drying.

  • Drying

    You can hang your trousers up to dry naturally. However, all MEYER cotton trousers are
    suitable for tumble-drying. Choose a low temperature - maximum 60-65°C. In the dryer,
    trousers become silky and soft.

  • Ironing

    Iron trousers at moderate to medium temperature - a maximum of 2 points on the iron.
    Note the information on the care label.
    Ironing at high temperatures should be avoided. You should be particularly careful with
    fabrics with a high proportion of synthetic fibres. Steam increases the temperature and
    should be used carefully. We recommend that you iron dark coloured trousers and jeans
    inside out in order to avoid shiny patches.

Everything you need to know about caring for our pure wool trousers
Everything you need to know about caring for our pure wool trousers

Everything you need to know about caring for our pure wool trousers

Wool really cleans itself. How to support your woolen trousers to do so and what it's about wool-mix materials you'll get to know here.


  • Everything you need to know about caring for our pure wool trousers

    Trousers made from 100% pure wool are generally not suitable for washing at home. Dry
    cleaning (P) is the ideal choice.
    However, most woollen trousers from MEYER can be washed at home in the machine thanks
    to their added polyester. For wool, however, the following basic rule applies: As little
    movement as possible in order to prevent pilling (build up of bobbles due to felting) - use
    as much water as possible.

  • Preparation

    Carefully sort your washing. Trousers made from a wool mix should not be washed together
    with other materials.
    Do up all buttons and zips prior to washing in order to prevent rubbing or catching on the
    fabric of the trousers. It is not absolutely necessary to turn the trousers inside out.

  • Washing

    Select a wool wash programme at 40°C. Alternatively, you may choose a delicates cycle at
    40°C. You should avoid spinning as this causes the woollen fibres to felt. Use detergent
    designed for woollens because this is adapted to the specific needs of wool fibres.

  • Drying

    Woollens should not be tumble-dried. Wringing out or beating wears the wool fibres out. If
    necessary, you can place wet trousers on a hand towel and gently squeeze the water out.
    We recommend spreading the trousers flat and hanging them dripping wet to dry.

  • Ironing

    To prevent damage to the inner lining - Do not iron your trousers inside out – Steam ironing
    should be absolutely avoided as this can permanently deform the trousers or create
    unwanted creases. In order to fix iron creases, place a damp tea towel between the iron
    and the fabric.

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